Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Reppin' the Y

Hike to the  Y


All the waaaaaaay!

     One Saturday morning Eric and I woke up and thought "let's hike the Y this morning!" so we did just that! Our kids are really good sports when it comes to activities, especially when it comes to hiking! I mean, just a couple months ago we hiked 12 miles and not a tear! This hike was a little different... Kelson didn't want to go hiking in the first place and that set him in a mood.Chloe got uncomfortable in the backpack Eric was carrying her in so we ended up taking turns carrying her up and down the mountain!  We made it all the way to the top in just over an hour! At the top we took a moment to look at the valley and eat our packed lunch!

Please, enjoy Kelson's creepy face! Hey, at least he isn't shoving the 'cool' peace sign in there! LOL

View from the tippy top of the top!

Look at her lovely cotton candy hair!

Yes, Eric did indeed shave his head. If your interested in the "why" story, just ask him.
It will make you laugh.

The boys wanted a break on the way down and they climbed these rocks!

Cascade Springs




     Cascade Springs is up Provo Canyon and along the Alpine Loop! It is gorgeous up there, especially with fall approaching. It is a natural spring that flows down into streams and waterfalls! They've made boardwalks and have paved trails to "hike" around it all. I put the hike in quotations because it isn't really a hike. We took Chloe in a stroller and pushed her along the path just fine. There are some stairs, but Eric and I just lifted her over those. The last time we had been up here was five years ago for family pictures with my mom. It was nice to go back and enjoy it all, not worry or think about pictures. These few pictures I snapped were on our way out. I still love taking pictures, but I'm finding myself enjoying the moment and less viewing through the lens. LOL

This is the spring! Just above here is where it comes out of the mountain!

What are these things?

Two boys and an adventure!

This is looking into the water where the 'water fall' hits the pond... I like the bubbles and wanted a picture of them.
Plus, it's soooo clear!

Don't mind the peeps ruining my professional picture lol

Headed out to go home. . .

Similar look to the River Trail in Provo, eh?

Parking lot, but those mountains and their colors!

Bathrooms that were closed due to no water, but to the left was an over used hole in the ground!
It was really pretty all in all.

Where did he learn this peace sign? He does it ever picture now. . .
Hi Jay and your cute goofy face!

Family Picnic @ Lakeview



We traced the kids and Eric added the finishing touches!

Lakeview Elementary had a family picnic in the field last Monday! It was a chance to have our family meet Kelson's teachers. They had a good turn out, lots of families with little kids running amok. They had sidewalk chalk for everyone to create a mural on their black top! It made for a great family night activity!

Kelson's cool BYU Alien
BYU is out of this world LOL

Jay asked me to draw an alien... he said it was a bug NOT an alien.
So.. I'm not the artist in the family...

To be honest, I have no idea what Jay's creation actually is...
It's pretty spectacular though! 

Jay's haircut

     The boys were giggling one night... I went to see what was so funny! To my surprise, Jay's hair had been cut. IT LOOKED HILARIOUS. The best part was when Jay was admiring it in the mirror, he thought that it looked so good. Kelson was pretty proud of the masterpiece he created with his little school scissors that Gma Louly and Gpa John got him for his birthday. Honestly, I'm surprised it has taken this long for one of them to give a haircut. 
     Jayson's face went from happy to concerned when I told him that he would need to have a real haircut, that he'd have to cut ALL of his hair off. A couple days before this shenanigan, Eric had shaved his head. (story for another time) Jay pleaded with me not to have hair like Daddy, or the lack thereof! Hahahaha! 
     We left his hair crazy cut for a day and a half. I just loved how goofy it was and he was in no hurry to get it cut. Every time I looked at him a smile grew on my face and in my heart! These pictures just don't do justice. I'm serious when I say it was HILARIOUS. Jay was sad to see all his hair gone, we had to cut it pretty short. I made it up to him by constantly asking him if I could rub his head. I love that feel of short hair! After a day of that he started offering his head for me to rub! All in all, all is well and everyone is happy. Hoping that hair-cutting isn't enticing anymore.

Brazilian Festival SLC

With Kelson in Portuguese dual immersion, we thought it would be perfect to attend the Brazilian Festival in Salt Lake. Sure enough, it was AWESOME! It was packed, so many people, so many vendors, so much food and so much entertainment! Kelson did in fact notice several words in their lyrics! Their food was delicious! I can't recall what I had, but it was a meat filled pastry! Brazilian lemonade is way better than our lemonade and their shaved ice was pretty amazing as well!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Kandid View Photography 2016

August 28, 2016

The Autrey family updated their 7 year old family picture! We finally got everyone together a the same time in the same place! It took more work than you'd think! Luckily, it's a little easier now that Tiffany has moved back to Utah. Although, Mandy is moving out of the country soon. Glad we were able to capture these moments together before she goes!
We really enjoyed working with A Kandid View Photography.

Nothing beats the love of family
Kelson, 6
Jayson, 4.8 

Chloe, 15 months

Not family by blood, but family by heart

A grandparents house is where cousins become best friends

where life begins and love never ends

sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero

Mandy, Tiffany, Eric, Sarah & Jessica

Loved you yesterday, love you still
always have, alwyas will

Rob & Janet
Dad & Mom

Tiffany & Noah

Noah William, 10 months




All because two people fell in love...