Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Reppin' the Y

Hike to the  Y


All the waaaaaaay!

     One Saturday morning Eric and I woke up and thought "let's hike the Y this morning!" so we did just that! Our kids are really good sports when it comes to activities, especially when it comes to hiking! I mean, just a couple months ago we hiked 12 miles and not a tear! This hike was a little different... Kelson didn't want to go hiking in the first place and that set him in a mood.Chloe got uncomfortable in the backpack Eric was carrying her in so we ended up taking turns carrying her up and down the mountain!  We made it all the way to the top in just over an hour! At the top we took a moment to look at the valley and eat our packed lunch!

Please, enjoy Kelson's creepy face! Hey, at least he isn't shoving the 'cool' peace sign in there! LOL

View from the tippy top of the top!

Look at her lovely cotton candy hair!

Yes, Eric did indeed shave his head. If your interested in the "why" story, just ask him.
It will make you laugh.

The boys wanted a break on the way down and they climbed these rocks!

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